Business Office

Please note that due to the closure of Concordia College, Cashnet is no longer accessible; Business Office staff and hours have been reduced.  All Concordia students looking to make a payment on their outstanding balance should contact the Eastern Revenue at 866-337-8875.  Please be prepared to have your student ID number available.

Students with inquiries on their outstanding balance can contact the business office at   Payments are no longer accepted by the Concordia Business Office only through Eastern Revenue.

1098-T Information

The 1098-T form for the 2021 tax year will be available no later than January 31st. Once available, all eligible students will be sent a copy of their 2021 1098-T form via mail. Students will also have access to their 1098-T form via their Banner Self-Service account by selecting Tax Notification under the Student Account section.

For more information regarding the 1098-T Form, please visit    Please note: College staff cannot assist you in tax matters. If you need assistance completing your taxes, you should consult with a qualified tax specialist or a CPA firm. Form 1098-T, issued by the College, is the form you need to determine whether you are eligible for the tax credits.  You should review the IRS Publication 970 for more information.